Shinta Mani Foundation

Mission Statement

The Shinta Mani Foundation seeks to be a leader in responsible tourism. The goal of the Shinta Mani Foundation (SMF) is to enhance the lives of the individuals in the local communities where we operate – by increasing their human capital and providing them the tools to overcome the constraints of poverty.

The Origins

Shinta Mani’s community activities began in 2004 with the opening of the Shinta Mani School of Hospitality on the grounds of Shinta Mani Siem Reap, a boutique hotel owned by Mr Sokun. This innovative program, which received international recognition for its efforts, trained under-privileged young Cambodians in all aspects of hotel operations on a free of charge basis – providing them the skills to find employment and to enjoy a brighter future.

From 2004-2010 in excess of 175 Khmer students graduated and still enjoy employment in the immediate township and local countryside.

The successful blending of non-profit work alongside the hotel’s for-profit activities attracted such interest and support that by 2006 Shinta Mani began to explore new ways to give back to the greater community. They did this by engaging in community development programs which targeted rural families. Shinta Mani sought to empower these families through basic assistance and to date guests of Shinta Mani sponsored over 900 piglets, 800 school supplies, 1,300 water wells and 97 homes.

In its first six years, the programs achieved measurable success in education and livelihood assistance resulting in meaningful changes, not only to the lives of individual families, but for the local community. These accomplishments led the founders to look for ways to ensure that the efforts and support which had been generated so far would continue for many years into the future.



Cambodia has one of the largest populations of unskilled youth in all of South East Asia and The Shinta Mani Foundation seeks to assist these young people by providing them with the skills to obtain meaningful employment to support themselves and their families.

Students generally come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and all students are selected based on their desire to learn and improve their skills.

The Development Center educates students for ten months. During this time they receive free tuition, books, uniforms, materials, and a meal each day. They also receive a small stipend of rice and money to help support their families. All students are supported through generous donations from guests at Shinta Mani and other supporters.

All students learn English as well as general life skills. Students specialize in one of the departments of the hotel, including culinary, finance, front office, housekeeping, maintenance, restaurant, and spa therapy.

Shinta Mani Foundation - Education

Small Business Start-Up

The Shinta Mani Foundation provides interest-free, small-business loans to local entrepreneurs so they may start a business. Recipients of “start-up” sponsorship do not receive money directly, receiving instead the materials needed to start their business. They also attend basic business classes in order to manage and grow their business.

Repayments of loans are then utilized by the Shinta Mani Foundation to fund future borrowers. In this way the Foundation is able to continue the cycle of development with the goal of establishing a network of micro-enterprises within the community.

Shinta Mani Foundation - Small Business Startups


The Shinta Mani Foundation supports Cambodian doctors and visiting medical professionals to provide medical check-ups in rural areas.

As medical costs are some of the most debilitating expenses for families in Cambodia many do not receive adequate care and attention.

We believe that promoting preventive health measures and educating rural Cambodians, as well as supporting individuals who have immediate medical issues is necessary to ensure long-term development. We do this by supporting and partnering with health organizations.

Shinta Mani Foundation - Healthcare

One Dollar Club

SMF One Dollar Club aims to raise funds through larger numbers of people donating $1 each instead of relying on larger one-off donations. We’re looking for individuals, student groups, organizations, sports teams etc, to donate $1 or more from each member, each month.

All administration costs for our foundation are covered by the Shinta Mani Hotels, however, we rely on donations for the programs that we do. What we are trying to do with the One Dollar Club is get groups of people to get together and donate one dollar or more each, per-month. If we could get 5,000 people donating one dollar each month, the amount of work we could do for communities in Siem Reap with that extra money would be phenomenal. We could run more mobile medical and dental clinics for marginalized communities, offer more interest free business loans for people who need help with getting their small business off the ground, and we could offer more places at our hospitality school at Shinta Mani Development Center. Better still, if your organization has a special interest in a particular area, you can choose where your money goes, and will know exactly how you are helping others. This idea is based on strength in numbers, working together we can do more than we can alone.

If you would like to consider getting a group of people you know to help us by joining the One Dollar Club, or if you would like any more information on how it works please feel free to get in contact with us at, visit our website, or check our Facebook page

Shinta Mani Foundation - Make a Difference

Making a Difference

The Shinta Mani Foundation welcomes short-term volunteers who would like to contribute their time and skills to our organization.

Short term volunteers can assist students of The Development Center become more confident in their interaction with foreigners. Volunteers can teach short lessons, play educational games or have a conversation with students outside of classroom hours when students relax in the Library and Computer Lab.

Please contact the Director at for more information about volunteer opportunities.

The Shinta Mani Foundation’s primary source of contributions are the generous donations of current and former guests of the hotel. We look forward to receiving your support. Please visit our website at or contact our Director on for further details.