Education – Development Center and Farming Development Center

Cambodia has one of the largest populations of unskilled youth in all of South East Asia. To address this situation, The Shinta Mani Foundation assists young people in the Siem Reap community by providing them with the skills to obtain meaningful employment to support themselves and their families. Students generally come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and all students are selected based on their desire to learn and improve their skills.

The Development Center educates students for ten months. During this time they receive free tuition, uniforms, materials, and bicycles, as well as two meals each day. They also receive a small stipend of rice and money to help support their families. Housing is provided to students on a limited basis and all students are supported through generous donations from guests at Shinta Mani and other supporters.

All students learn English as well as general life skills. Students specialize in one of the departments of the hotel, including culinary, finance, front office, housekeeping, maintenance, restaurant, and spa therapy.

In September 2013 the Shinta Mani Foundation expanded its training program by setting up The Farming Development Center with the goal of enhancing the lives of young Khmer villagers living in the countryside surrounding Siem Reap. The Shinta Mani Foundation Farming Development Center teaches its trainees the most effective farming techniques to grow organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well to raise chickens, ducks and pigs. Our mission extends to supporting our graduates to start and maintain their own farms as a sustainable means to rise out of poverty. To further enhance long-term opportunities for our participants, The Farming Development Center will teach English and Khmer languages and life skills based on the successful approach of the Shinta Mani Development Center for the hospitality sectors.


Visitors are encouraged to teach additional lessons after scheduled classroom hours (e.g. English, educational games, culinary demonstrations) at The Development Centre. A visit to the Farming Development Center is also available. Please contact the Director to find out more details.

Additional opportunities are available to support rural schools through Shinta Mani’s partner organizations.