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We aim to give Khmers connected with the sites we visit a reason to value their natural heritage and assist in its conservation. It is our vision to use the adventures we run and the revenue generated to leave a little bit of the world as beautiful as we found it.

Indochine – was the French name for the regions between India and China that were covered by forests.The largest herds of deer and wild cattle outside Africa roamed with tigers and leopards in hot pursuit and elephants migrating with the rain. The dripping jungle was home to exotic hornbills, all manner of monkeys, of course snakes….

And hidden deep in the forest was the remnants of one of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen, the Angkorian Empire. This heady mix created an intoxicating tale of romanticism, mystery, excitement, danger and the exotic that begs exploration. This is the essence of Indochine Exploration!

Indochine specializes in biking, hiking and kayaking adventures:


Thrilling mountain bike rides, which require off road experience and endurance.


Kulen mountain bike rides


This covers most of our trips, which are suitable for children over 12 who enjoy hiking and cycling in the countryside and those with an active weekend lifestyle.


Kayaking adventures in Prek Toal floating village and flooded forests

Temple hikes and bike rides


1/2 day kayaking adventures are an exciting alternative to the temples even for families with young children and a lovely way to explore the unique environment of the Tonle Sap Great Lake at a gentle pace.


Stilted & floating village kayaking trips


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