Vespa Adventure

This is a unique tour that shows you the beauty of Siem Reap while on the back of a Vespa Motorbike. There are 3 different tours to choose from each focusing on a unique aspect of Cambodian life.

Angkor Tour

The Angkor Wat Complex is usually enjoyed by Car or Tuk Tuk, by taking a Vespa you are really in the moment able to feel, taste and smell all the aspects of the Temples. Not only will you see the most famous, most beautiful and most amazing main Temples you will also get to see many hidden gems not everyone is lucky enough to see. The tour will leave you with a deep sense of the “Kingdom of Wonder”.

After Dark Foodie Tour

The Cambodian Culinary experience can be fun and exotic. If you like to taste the culture you are traveling in this is especially made for you. Enjoy the real Cambodian food scene in Siem Reap, away from the main tourist area and into the real Khmer nightlife. You will smell, touch and taste raw and freshly mixed spices unique to Cambodia.

Countryside Tour

Mrs. Akim is your main tour guide during this ride, Akim was raised in the pristine Angkor Forest just west of Angkor Wat, she was born during the time Pol Pot was in power, no schools were available to her. Together with Akim you will ride through the forests of Angkor exploring her homeland and learn about the Cambodian culture along the way.

Important Information

The safety of the guests is paramount and all guests must wear helmets.

Each guest is driven by their personal drivers, because officially in Siem Reap only international or local license holders are eligible to drive. However, due to the quality of the roads it is also not advisable to drive. Comfortably sitting at the back of the Vespa with a back rest our guests can immerse in the environment, the great views and seize the magical moments to enjoy the ride of your life.

Mrs. Akim, the main owner and promoter of Cambodia Vespa Adventures is a proponent of gender equality and is an active promoter of employment for females in tourism. Therefore many of the Cambodia Vespa Adventure drivers are ladies.