Khmer Wine Making

Cambodia is a very traditional country with culture going back more than a thousand years. The Khmer people pride themselves on their long history, resilience, and traditions. Among the most popular traditions are those that celebrate important events in their lives and a part of those celebrations include imbibing of traditionally made beverages. Rice Wine is most popular.

The process of producing rice wine starts with weighing and washing selected rice. Then, the rice is cooked over a mixture of tree chips (often from local saw mills or furniture shops) and rice husks, cooled and later mixed with a fermenting agent. After that, the rice is slow cooked evaporating the alcoholic vapors which are captured by overhead funnels that cool the vapors and direct them into a sealed plunge cistern. Once the fermentation is completed, the fresh wine can be harvested from taps located at the bottom of the cisterns.

Rice wine has a strong alcoholic flavor that is also slightly sweet. Locals will sip the drink from small tumblers or add the drink to ice and sip. It is especially favored among the local working class and bought from makers in each village.


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