Small Tour

Explore the awesome temples of Angkor, including Angkor Wat, the world’s largest sacred building and an architectural masterpiece. Enter the southern Gate of Angkor Thom, to visit Prasat Bayon, temple of the enigmatic stone face towers, before visiting the 350 meter long 'Terrace of the Elephants' and the mysterious 'Terrace of the Leper King.’ After lunch and a short rest at the hotel during the heat of the day.


  • Angkor Wat – World’s largest sacred building
  • Angkor Thom Southern gate – 54 stone figures
  • Prasat Bayon Temple – Enigmatic stone face towers
  • Terrace of the elephants – 350 meters long
  • Terrace of the Leper King – featuring a sexless statue
  • Ta Prohm – Famous movie set for “Tomb Raider”


Departure: 8.00 am
Return: 13.00 pm


  • Hotel driver and car
  • Cold towels
  • Cool water & cookies
  • Hand disinfectant


Price starts from US$60 net
Add a guide US$50 net