Cooking Class

Feeling inspired by the tasty Khmer specialties, Kroya by Chef Chanrith has commenced cooking classes to bring our guests closer to the secrets of the Cambodian cuisine.

Traditional Khmer cuisine is one of detail. Small amounts of ingredients with intriguing textures, complex aromas and fresh exhilarating flavors create a distinctly light, delicate and healthy cuisine.

Rice is an important component of Khmer culture, and is served alongside fish and shell fish, both fresh from the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers.

All dishes are freshly cooked daily. A typical meal of traditional Khmer cuisine consists of a soup, salad, fish course, meat dish, vegetables and rice. Delicious sauces and condiments are served with the meal to add extra flavor and spice. Desserts are often based on fresh fruits and coconut creating a sweet end to the meal.

Cooking class starts with a morning visit to one of the old markets, also known as the Psa Chas. Our Executive Chef will guide you through the market and teach you more about the local produce and herbs for the class. Ingredients that are typically used in Khmer cooking include turmeric, kafir lime leaves, ginger, lemongrass, dried chilli and galangal.

Following the visit to the market, guests will return to the hotel and start the class in a private space within Kroya. Each participant will receive this cook book featuring the four traditional Khmer dishes that will be created during the class. Dishes include mango salad, fish amok, beef sour soup and sticky rice dumplings.

Once the meal has been prepped and cooked under the careful guidance of our Executive Chef, these delicious dishes will be enjoyed for lunch.