A bespoke, luxurious, cultural and spiritual adventure in the remote, magical Kingdom of Mustang awaits with the opening of the all-inclusive Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection in Nepal, on August 1st, 2023.

What it will look like

What to Expect

A bespoke, sophisticated, cultural, spiritual, adventurous and personal growth journey in the Kingdom of Mustang.

Designed by Bill Bensley, Shinta Mani Mustang perches high above the town of Jomsom at the gateway of Mustang, an isolated kingdom in Nepal, forbidden to outsiders for centuries. This almost mythical region, hidden in the Kali Gandaki valley between the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, is one of the deepest valleys and most unusual places in the world.

Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection will be an all-inclusive experience, with the guests’ journey curated to provide the most remarkable 360-degree, luxury experience in the Himalayas; one of the most unique and preserved regions in the world. “Mustang” in Tibetan, translates to “Plain of Aspiration”. It is bordered by the Tibetan plateau with an elevation that rises from 1,372 to 8,167 meters above sea level.


Each of the 29 suites measuring 45 square meters (2,484 square feet), are designed in the style of a traditional Tibetan home with an open-plan bedroom combined with a living area and a separate bathroom. Floor to ceiling windows offer majestic views of Nilgiri mountain.

Rooms Size No. of units
Suite 45 sq. m / 484 sq. ft 29


  • Fast track immigration service
  • Round trip airport transfers
  • Welcome beverage and amenities
  • Personal Bensley Adventure Guide
  • In-room mini-bar replenished daily
  • All meals and beverages
  • All private guided excursions and activities
  • Spa treatments
  • Laundry service (dry cleaning not available)
  • WI-FI throughout the resort and in the private transfers


  • Minimum 5-night stay
  • Subject to applicable government taxes and service charge


With just 29 suites, Shinta Mani Mustang - A Bensley Collection, is perched high above the town of Jomsom at the gateway of Mustang, an isolated kingdom which was previously forbidden to outsiders for centuries. This almost mythical region with its dramatic landscapes is hidden in the Kali Gandaki valley between the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. It is one of the deepest valleys in the region and one of the most unique and preserved regions in the world.

“Mustang” in Tibetan, translates to “Plain of Aspiration”. It is bordered by the Tibetan plateau with an elevation that rises from 1,372 to 8,167 meters above sea level. Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection is the perfect base for trekking and adventures in the surrounding area, exploring Buddhist monasteries and culture, or just enjoying the awe inspiring vistas of some of the highest snow-capped peaks in the world, including the formidable Mount Nilgiri Himal.

Means of transfer Time
Normal flight
Kathmandu to Pokhara
Pokhara to Jomsom

25 mins
20 mins
Private charters by plane or helicopter
Kathmandu to Jomsom Airport

60-80 mins
Kathmandu to Jomsom

12 hrs
Saddled mustang in front of mountains


Dining options at Shinta Mani Mustang – A Bensley Collection include the 60-seat Nilgiri Restaurant, named after the majestic mountain it overlooks and a spacious outdoor dining patio where modern Nepalese cuisine and western cuisine are served, using locally sourced and foraged produce. The Aara Bar is named after an exotic local Tibetan/Sherpa liquor. The mixed use activity room which can be used for meetings, presentation or yoga and exercise classes.

The Wellness Center has two exquisite treatment suites with floor to ceiling windows facing the mountains; each with a hot plunge pool, steam room, sauna, shower and two massage beds. The Tibetan wellness programme will be developed by a local 11th generation doctor using traditional herbal medicine.

Horseback riding

Design and Sustainability

Design genius Bill Bensley will add his creative magic to the Lodge. Locally sourced materials in the construction include stone, slate, and wood. Interiors incorporate warm coloured fabrics and materials to reflect the rich tones of the surrounding landscape, which can be viewed from every window of the property. Huge fire pits on the outdoor terrace allow guests to admire millions of stars in the night sky in warmth as the temperatures dip. Interiors are complemented by the artwork of the late artist Robert Powell, a friend of Bill Bensley’s who drew the regions vernacular architecture in incredible detail.

In his typical upcycling style and with his sustainable mindset, Bill has used recycled materials that he has repurposed into unique new furniture.

Night ceremony


Mustang's magical landscape evolves with each unique season.

March – May (Spring)

For nature lovers, spring is the best time to visit Lower Mustang where the trekking trails reward you with colourful blooms of local flowers such as rhododendrons, violet irises, blue poppies, blue gentian, Grecian wildflowers, gazania, pansies, single and double petunias and snapdragons.

In Upper Mustang, April and May are perfect for crossing high passes and climbing smaller ones. It is also the time of year that attracts climbers wanting to conquer Nepal’s highest peaks.

The fascinating 3-day Tiji Festival is held in May at the former King of Mustang’s palace, with local rituals that celebrate the myth of a son who saved Mustang from destruction. During the festival, monks dress in elaborate costumes and masks and perorm dances and rituals that drive away evil spirits. Dates change annually with the lunar cycle.

June - August (Summer)

Upper Mustang falls in the rain shadow area of the Annapurna range. Therefore it doesn’t experience a wet summer like most parts of Nepal and you can enjoy pristine weather, great trail conditions, and an excellent landscape with spectacular mountain views. This is the perfect season to spot the exotic wildlife of the region like Pallas cat, Tibetan wolf.

Lower Mustang has a wet summer, unlike Upper Mustang, but the monsoon is nothing like the torrential rainfall experienced in lower regions of Nepal.

During this season the Yarthung festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over Mustang during August and September at full moon. Marking the end of summer, the 4-day festival is celebrated with horse races, feasts, dancing and praying at the monasteries. People from the area take part in the festival to showcase their horse-riding skills.

September - November (Autumn)

The Autumn months of September, October and November are peak season for trekking in Mustang. During Autumn months the clearest skies afford the most amazing views of the surrounding landscape and mountain peaks. It is also the season where two of the biggest festivals are celebrated in the lower regions of Nepal; Dashain (celebration of good over evil) and Tihar (festival of lights).

December - February (Winter)

During the winter months of December, January and February, the picture perfect snow-capped mountains are at their absolute best. Upper Mustang enjoys heavy snowfall during the winter months while Lower Mustang has occasional snowfall.


Curated Day Trip Experiences with Private Guide

A highly personalised privately guided guest experience programme honours the traditions of Sherpa hospitality and has been curated exclusively for our guests. These include unique cultural excursions, trekking, horse riding, rock climbing, cycling, archery, hiking, helicopter tours and wellness.

Discover the Buddhist Kingdom

The ancient villages of Marpha, Jhong, Thini and Kagbeni and monasteries such as Zharkot are spread across the majestic Himalayas and practice century-old traditions. Upper Mustang, the last Buddhist Kingdom to open its doors to the world, is the place to discover the Tibetan Plateau and Tibetan Buddhist Culture.

Visit the Muktinath Temple

This is one of the highest temples in the world and one of the holiest places of pilgrimage for Hindus and Buddhists. Followers believe that taking a bath in its natural cold springs filled by 108 cow head spigots, guarantees salvation after death. The temple is also widely recognized for its natural gas eternal flame and majestic views of the Himalayas.

Explore the Sky Caves - Mustang Caves

There are thousands of man-made caves in the steep mountain valleys of Mustang, approximately 50 meters above the Kali Gandaki River. The 2,000-year-old Buddhist sculptures and paintings found inside are a mystery to archeologists who cannot explain who made them and how they got there.

Bon Villages and Tradition

One of the hidden treasures of Mustang, Bon is a Tibet-born culture that flourished parallel to Buddhism and mainly practices Shamanism. This has led to its followers being persecuted out of Tibet and sometimes forced to convert to Buddhism. Known for rituals such as the Sky Burial, the culture has never entirely vanished from the Himalayas.

Breakfast at Yharu-Zho Viewpoint

Yharu-Zho is derived from the Thakali language which translates to English as Yha (yak), Ru (horn), Zho (top of the hill). Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the lap of Mount Dhaulagiri and Mount. Nilgiri at Yharu-Zho Viewpoint (3,750 m). An early morning journey to the viewpoint will take 4 hours hiking or 45 minute driving with exquisite mountain views and the warmth of the morning sun.

Horse Riding

Ride a Mustang horse (small, strong pony) alongside a local Sherpa and experience the rhythm and lifestyle of the Mustang Kingdom. Until the 21st century, horses have been the only way to traverse the Himalayas other than by foot. Locals have domesticated and mastered the art of horse-riding in order to source goods and travel to exchange these with other villages; from short daily rides to the neighboring villages in Lower Mustang up to long multi-day excursions to Upper Mustang.

Wellness Therapies

Entrenched in the wellness practices of the Himalayas, our Wellness Center offers a wide range of therapies and natural medicinal practices, including massages with herbs and other natural elements inspired by ancient teachings and traditions.

Yoga, Movement Therapy and Meditation

Each morning starts with a Yoga Asana (posture) sequence session. This is aligned with breathing practices and guided meditations to relax, strengthen and energize your body and mind. Our wellness experts are available for individual yoga and physical therapy programs to work on specific areas or to learn and deepen your personal practice. The Lodge’s exclusive experiences include wellbeing retreats led by industry professionals and Buddhist monks or nuns from local monasteries.


Learn the ancient skill of archery from local experts and master control over the bow and arrow. Private lessons for our guests are available at a nearby archery field.

Hiking and Trekking

Enjoy a range of guided treks across Mustang´s desert and snow-capped peaks, fertile farmlands, glacier lakes, remote villages and Buddhist monasteries. Encounter wild horses, yaks and a wide range of wildlife while walking along the Kali Gandaki River with views of glaciers at every turn. From short daily hikes starting from our Lodge to neighboring villages and surrounding mountains to multi-day excursions, staying at local guest houses, or camping in style all the way up to the Tibet border.

Mountain Biking

Experience the adventure mountain biking through the beautiful Himalayan landscapes. All riders are supported by a jeep carrying all guest supplies, technicians and tools necessary to enjoy the ride. From short daily drives to the neighboring villages in the lower Mustang up to long multi-day excursions to Upper Mustang.

Yarthung Festival

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