These compact yet robust ponies, renowned for their strength and gentle demeanor, have been pivotal to the Himalayan way of life for centuries.

Until the modern era, these noble steeds were the lifelines of the region, facilitating travel and trade across the challenging terrains of the Himalayas, where wheels dared not tread.

Our horseback expeditions range from short, leisurely rides to neighboring villages in Lower Mustang – perfect for beginners keen on experiencing local lifestyle and rhythms – to the more adventurous multi-day excursions into the rugged terrains of Upper Mustang for the experienced rider. These longer journeys offer an unparalleled insight into the nomadic lifestyle, as ancient and untamed as the mountains themselves.

This is more than horseback riding; it's a journey through time, a tactile immersion into a life where nature and culture coexist in harmonious balance. Each trot and canter resonates with stories of a civilization that has thrived in these mountains, echoing tales of endurance, survival, and the eternal bond between humans and horses.

We invite you to saddle up and join us in this timeless adventure, where the spirit of the Mustangs gallops in harmony with the heartbeat of the Himalayas.

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