Embark on a trek in the Jomsom Valley, journeying through carefully selected sites based on conditions for an optimal outdoor experience. Traverse rugged landscapes, cross streams, and navigate forests, while marveling at the breathtaking views of the snowcapped Himalaya and lush surroundings. Stop at vantage points to capture the panoramic views and take memorable photographs.

Midway through the trek, pause for a mountaineer-inspired picnic to rest and refuel amidst the valley’s beauty. Enjoy high-energy foods, a glass of chilled Rosé and the unique experience of dining in the wilderness. Continue your exploration post-lunch, appreciating the serenity and solitude of untouched areas. Conclude your trek back at the starting point, carrying with you a sense of accomplishment and unforgettable memories.

Absolutely, one of the key aspects of our trekking programs is its flexibility. We understand that every guest is unique in terms of skill, experience, and fitness level. Therefore, all our treks can be customized to match the capabilities and requirements of our guests. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker seeking a challenging route or a novice trekker preferring a more relaxed pace, we can adjust the itinerary, length, and difficulty of the trek to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We place great emphasis on safety and enjoyment, so rest assured, your trek will be tailored to suit your individual needs, making your journey through Mustang not only memorable but also within your comfort zone.

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