This is aligned with breathing practices and guided meditations to relax, strengthen and energize your body and mind. Our wellness experts are available for individual yoga and physical therapy programs to work on specific areas or to learn and deepen your personal practice.

Beyond the personalised offerings, Shinta Mani Mustang - A BENSLEY Collection takes pride in its exclusive wellness retreats. These retreats are exceptional, often led by revered figures in the wellness industry and sometimes, spiritual guidance is provided by Buddhist monks or nuns from local monasteries. It's a rare opportunity to not only learn about but to truly experience the philosophies that have shaped lives in this part of the world for centuries.

Your participation intertwines with the local community, as our program is deeply rooted in the belief of giving back. Engaging in these sessions directly supports the preservation of local spiritual practices and contributes to the sustenance of the monasteries we partner with.

Other Experiences