At Shinta Mani Mustang – A BENSLEY Collection, guests enjoy a personalized spa and wellness program as part of their all-inclusive experience, tailored to meet their needs whether that’s recovering from a day of adventures or simply relaxing amidst stunning Nilgiri range vistas.

A private consultation with a unique and enriching wellness experience led by our local Amchi, Tsewang Gyurme Gurung, an esteemed 11th-generation practitioner in SoRig Traditional Healing.

In addition to the therapeutic wellness and beauty treatments we provide, you will have the opportunity to meet with our amchi – Tsewang Gyurme Gurung or his practitioner, for a consultation and undergo a thorough assessment of their overall well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health, rooted in centuries-old traditional healing wisdom. Personalized recommendations for meticulously designed well-being treatments are provided, seamlessly integrating into your spa experience for holistic healing.

Whether a herbal bouquet for your steam, a poultice for aching muscles or the recommendation of specific oils for your massage, Amchi will draw from his wealth of ancestral knowledge to provide this unique and valuable element of your wellbeing prescription.