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Cardamom National Park

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  • Wild Tent
  • Waterfall Tent
  • 2-Bedroom Tent

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Sustainability informs everything we do, hence our partnership with the Wildlife Alliance

Our adventurous team is constantly out in the environment exploring and developing new experiences at Wild. Join them and immerse yourself in the magic of discovery with our wildly enthusiastic Adventure Butlers, each of whom specializes in a particular study or sport to help you understand one of the most beautiful places on the face of the planet.

Tmor Rung River


Shinta Mani Wild Zip Line

Wildlife Alliance Stats Board


Animals released in Cardamom National Park
97 Turtle
14 Birds
9 Civet
9 Spotted Dove
5 Royal Terrapin
6 Wild Boar
4 Macaque
5 Porcupine
5 Python
1 Slow Loris
1 Water Dragon
1 Wild Chicken
1 Sun Bear


Items confiscated by Wildlife Alliance rangers
10786 Illegal Wood (m²)
685 Chainsaws
22 Bulldozers
34 Ox Carts
10 Mini-Vans
42 Guns
10 Machetes
26 Electric Shockers
27 Poachers Arrested
12 Cleared Forest (ha)
22 Tractors


Items removed during Wildlife Alliance ranger patrols
14777 Snares
3195 Illegal Trees
1999 Bird Nets (m)
236 Forest Fires (ha)
60 Pangolin Nets (m)
96 Charcoal Kilns
80 Turtle Hooks (m)

Last update 31 January 2024 — At Headquarters


Shinta Mani Wild is a radical new fusion of world-class design, hospitality and conservation where your stay makes a difference in protecting unique and endangered species.

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