Daily, our rangers seize far too many snares, which can kill nearly any animal, including young elephants. Sometimes WA rescues live animals from the many snares; other times they must tally the count of dead wildlife. They travel in groups of 2-8 and are armed, as they run loggers out of their makeshift camps, confiscate homemade guns, chainsaws, and the like. They are the real deal.

The reason for Shinta Mani Wild’s existence is to create a sustainable way to patrol and defend these beautiful forests and their wildlife. Please do join the rangers on motorbike for 2-6 hours depending on your stamina, and prepare for an eye opening experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Ranger Station

Shinta Mani Wild has built an on-site ranger station for Wildlife Alliance at the end of the track, at the highest camp in the valley. You are more than welcome to visit! Wild also pays for all of the rangers expenses and equipment. As you will learn, the battle, and it is a battle, to keep the Cardamoms from becoming just another empty forest is never ending and at times disheartening.

Alert & Response

Our goal is two more ranger stations, as well as two more groups of ranger soldiers north of our Wild base camp, as these areas are also under threat of poaching and logging. We use a number of new inventions including daily areal patrols using state of the art drones as well as a network of informants in the local communities. Through these we are able to detect, in real time, rangers are alerted WA can respond quickly and stop the villains.

Make a donation

If you are interested to help us expand our sphere of protected areas, or want to buy a listening device to help us catch the bad guys


Adventure Butlers

Part guide, part friend, part magician. Our Adventure Butlers anticipate your every need. Finding unforgettable activities to suit your tastes and fitness, they accompany you on all your adventures, from motorbike rides to boat trips. Not to mention the traditional butler role: unpacking and packing your luggage and fulfilling your ad-hoc requests.


Other Adventures